In Barcelona's very centre, in a photo studio near the sea and the Rambla, you can find José Luis Pelegrín working. He's been into professional photography since 1985, having specialized in food packaging photography commercially, even though he keeps doing free work aside.

José Luis is a photographer that dedicates special attention to the lighting of each element in the still life, because he knows how important every ingredient is, from the biggest to the smallest one. He has always had a sixth sense for detail in the composition and lighting of the image. This special sensitivity, together with the mastery of the photographic technique, makes a photo shoot in his studio get even better results than expected by the client originally.

His studio is provides with all the photo equipment needed, perfectly updated to the latest digital standards. It also counts with a spacious kitchen to prepare all foods comfortably. Furthermore, it is placed in a perfect area to do all the necessary shopping for the photo shoot, even the last minute improvised details are not a problem.

It is close to the Boqueria market and food stores of all kind, from the most basic ones to delicatessen. Nearby one can also find plenty of shops dedicated to home and cookware, to get the right props for the photo session. Finally, José Luis can provide the adequate people for each production thanks to his extensive network of contacts, ranging from the best food stylists to the most efficient assistants.

Amongst his clients we can find: Bimanan, Bimbo, Bonka, Bosto, Buitoni, Calvo, Casademont, Carrefour, Carte d'Or, Central Lechera Asturiana, Cuétara, Danone, Eroski, Escorpion, Findus, Frigo, Frudesa, Gallina Blanca, Gallo Pastas, Gerblé, Indo, Juvé i Camps, Kellogg's, Knorr, La Bella Easo, La Cocinera, La Lechera, La Sirena, Lay's, Litoral, Maggi, Matutano, Natreen, Nescafé, Novartis, Ortiz Conservas, Président, Primaflor, Purina, Pyrénées, Risella, Sensilis, Solan de Cabras, Sveltesse, Virginias, Volkswagen.

Please do not doubt to contact José Luis' studio for an estimate for your next project.